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Accessibility toolbar

The size of the font on the website and its text contrast can be changed using the accessibility toolbar on the left of every page.

Additionally, to make the page appear larger, you can use your browsers inbuilt Zoom and Text Size facility. In Firefox, click on ‘View’, and select ‘Zoom’. Click on ‘Zoom In’ to make the page appear larger.

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If you wish to read information on the website in another langauge please contact us for a translation.


All informative photographs and graphics on the website have been given relevant alternative text. This is a description of the image, which screen reading software will read out to visually impaired users.


This website has been created using cascading style sheets (CSS), which follow the principle of separating content from presentation. The CSS files contain instructions for the page, such as the size of the fonts, the background colour, etc. Internet browsers can be configured to ignore CSS. If you are having difficulty reading the webpages because of the colours, fonts, etc, you can disable the CSS. The page will retain all of the information, without the style formatting.

What else needs to be done?

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