Baswich Park

Old Staffordshire Police headquarters’ site in Baswich, Stafford

On this website page you can find a document which sets out an appropriate way forward for how the old Staffordshire Police headquarters’ site in Baswich should be developed.

The Police and Crime Commissioner for Staffordshire, Matthew Ellis, said: “The circumstances I inherited around this site when I took office were surprisingly complex and it is for that reason I decided to instigate a full review of the way forward. I was also concerned as to whether the high density proposals developed in 2011 were right or practical for the area, in particular with regards to traffic implications.

“Significant time has also been spent, at the request of local councillors, trying to assist with new community health facilities. It is absolutely right that this was looked at over a period of several months but it has become clear of late that my financial responsibilities around policing will not meet expectations with regard to assisting with a health centre.

“Reaching the current position has taken longer than I had hoped. I believe the impact on residents from the development of this site must be respected.

“I have been working with Stafford Borough Council to ensure that there is a clear and agreed vision for how the site should be developed. I must, however, make clear there is some way to go with regard to an assured way forward.”

The site in Baswich, Stafford, was vacated following the decision in 2008 by the Police Authority to buy new HQ buildings in Weston Road, Stafford.

The appropriate way forward for how the site should be developed can be found on the following document and by clicking on the picture of the brochure above.