Independent Advisory Groups

IAGThe Staffordshire Independent Advisory Groups (IAG) is a body of volunteers from various backgrounds that advise Staffordshire Police as a ‘critical friend’ in a wide range of policing activities, from strategic advice about policy to tactical and operational advice.

IAG members are people within the community who have an interest in policing and its effect on the local area. They can advise officers on issues regarding policing that may cause concern in the local community.

We’re keen to hear from people from a variety of different backgrounds, particularly – gender including transgender and gender reassignment, disability, age, race, religion/belief and sexual orientation.

A member will not represent a particular area of diversity but will provide knowledge, background and experience of that issue. Therefore, a member does not necessarily need to be part of that diverse community but should have a sound understanding of the issues affecting it.


The qualities that are looked for in IAG members are the ability to be open-minded, to act independently of the police and to have no political links or extreme views.

They must have a high level of integrity and be able to stand apart from the investigation, giving an honest opinion if there are issues of concern.

Previous convictions would not necessarily bar a person from being a member of the IAG.

How it works

The Staffordshire Independent Advisory Group is already in existence but is keen to expand its membership.

The IAG works independently of the police which is imperative to enable critical, honest advice.

A database of all members is maintained and when required, members are selected for the knowledge, skills, experience or background they have in a specific area.

Further Information

Contact the Diversity Unit at Staffordshire Police Headquarters on 101.