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‘Kash Dash’ app helps keep kids safe online

A new mobile game starring Staffordshire police dogs has launched to help children and young people stay safe online.

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The ‘Kash Dash’ app, which has been designed by the Office of Staffordshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner, features police dogs Emma and Jasper, and former police dog and force mascot Kash.

With game-play similar to the popular mobile game ‘Flappy Birds’, the aim of ‘Kash Dash’ is to help youngsters stay safe online via onscreen messaging about cyber-bullying, stranger danger and privacy settings.

Top Tip! Quick tap for a low jump, long tap for a medium jump, double tap and hold for a high jump


Useful links also provide information about local police and an option to sign up to email alerts. At the end of each round, the player gets a score which might see them promoted to a higher police rank.

Get Safe Online
Police and Crime Commissioner, Matthew Ellis, said: “We must find ways to better connect youngsters with information on how to stay safe online. Rather than asking them to find their way to us this game takes vital safety messages to them using technology which is familiar.

“We need to be smarter in how we engage with youngsters and this new game will do that whilst communicating clear messages to help protect them. It’s fun but includes serious messages.

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“In the first year Kash Dash has had over 6,700 downloads and has prompted over 11,600 clicks to websites giving safety advice.”

Chief Constable Jane Sawyers said: “Online safety is increasingly a major concern for parents and educating children in this area is a priority for the force.

“Police dogs are always popular with pupils when they visit schools as part of our work in local communities so combining them with online safety messages is a winning combination.”

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