Neighbourhood Watch

Pan Staffordshire Neighbourhood Watch Review (NHW) commissioned by PCC Matthew Ellis

“As you’ll already be aware, I’ve huge aspirations for Neighbourhood Watch (NHW), recognising it as a first class opportunity to prevent and reduce crime, increase public reassurance and to positively enhance citizenship.

“I’m aiming for the NHW movement across our area to develop and flourish, and to be recognised as a beacon which leads the way in terms of supporting multi-agency priorities, generating social action and providing a positive mechanism for two-way engagement.

“In August of this year and focussing on the development and introduction of exceptionally forward thinking plans for NHW, I commissioned a review of current processes.

“The ‘next steps’ of our ambitious journey are detailed in this document and I’d value your ongoing support to ensure we collectively can deliver on our joint aspirations for the people and businesses of Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent.”

Matthew Ellis
Police and Crime Commissioner

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What is Neighbourhood Watch?

neighbourhood watchResidents working together to protect their homes, businesses and communities is what Neighbourhood Watch is all about. It operates as a result of members reporting suspicious people and incidents to the police and provides practical steps for householders to tackle problems through crime prevention measures and greater vigilance.

Neighbourhood Watch is the largest voluntary organisation in the UK with around six million members. It encourages neighbours to look out for each other and helps residents and the police to guard against crime, vandalism and many other problems in the local community. Through communication and cooperation, neighbours work together to protect their community and report suspicious people and incidents to the police.

Neighbourhood Watch schemes help to develop a greater shared awareness between police and local residents of a community’s problems. They also give local people a better understanding of the practical steps that can be taken to tackle problems – either through greater vigilance, or crime prevention measures.

What is OWL?

Online Watch Link (OWL) is the system used to circulate messages to Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinators. It’s an internet-based service that allows messages to be sent via email, fax, telephone and SMS.

Through OWL:

  • members who receive messages by e-mail can update their own profiles and records and state how and when they would like to receive messages
  • police users can obtain reports and statistics
  • users can provide information and intelligence which can then be used by the police.


Get involved

An engagement event was held on Saturday 30 May, at Yarnfield Conference Centre, where Mr Ellis encouraged local people and organisations to attend to discuss how new and innovative technology can supplement existing processes, thus making a significant contribution to keeping local people informed and engaged with local officers.

Neighbourhood Watch event presentation slides

Community Engagement Event – Your feedback

How to join

To find out if there’s a watch scheme such as Neighbourhood Watch, Business Watch or one of dozens of other types operating in your area, please type in your full postcode below and we’ll search for your local watch.