Get Safe Online

Staffordshire Online Fraud Conference – Nov 2017

From the hidden world of the Dark Web to the simplest phone scams, this conference shone a light on the fastest growing form of crime.

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Child abuse is happening now.

Child Sexual Exploitation wrecks lives, but it’s not an easy thing to spot – unless you know what to look for.SMART IMG

It’s important to know the signs because victims of sexual exploitation are unlikely to tell anyone.

Offenders are highly manipulative: they can use violence and fear, blackmail or make the child feel guilty, worthless or that they’ve got no choice. They are skilled at targeting and grooming young people.

Some people don’t report exploitation because they think it’s okay. It’s not okay – and it’s everyone’s responsibility to help prevent it.

It is crucial that everyone knows the signs of child sexual exploitation and how to report it.

Do you know the signs?


Stay safe online

Here are 10 top tips from about how to keep yourself and your family online:

  1. Make sure your computer has up-to-date internet security software, switched on.
  2. Don’t reveal personal information on social networking sites.
  3. Regularly backup the data on your computer and smartphone/tablet.
  4. Never reveal your password or PIN when asked to do so by email or on the phone.
  5. Make sure your wireless network is secure at all times.
  6. Be careful who you are selling to and buying from on auction sites.
  7. Choose strong passwords, change them regularly and don’t tell anybody what they are.
  8. When shopping, paying or banking online, always make sure the website is secure.
  9. Always download the latest software and operating system updates when prompted.
  10. Remember your smartphone is also a target for viruses and spyware.


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