Significant changes need to happen in policing over the next few years. It is essential in order to get Police Officers back on the ground for longer in local communities whilst dealing with the growth of online crime, security issues and child abuse during a time of shrinking budgets.

The growth of online crime is epidemic in its proportions and the resources required to investigate and combat it threatens leaving more traditional neighbourhood policing behind when it comes to resources.

Add to that the threat from extremism and the repulsive sexual abuse of children, often in organised ways, and it’s clear that policing has to evolve in order to meet these competing needs in the future.

Matthew Ellis said “I do not subscribe to abandoning the traditional neighbourhood policing approach which some Chief Constables nationally say it is time to do. Nor do I want police to ignore crimes such as shoplifting and low level drugs as some of those same Chiefs at the top of policing have suggested. And I certainly cannot agree with some calls nationally to get rid of Staffordshire Police in favour of a massive regional West Midlands force. That would be the death knell for truly local policing as we know it in Staffordshire.

“It does, however, mean that changes have to happen in order to maintain the traditional British approach to local policing in a hi-tech, often more complex world.”

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Lichfield police centre of excellence

Centre of Excellence

Centre of Excellence

A new police centre of excellence in Lichfield will help police turn the tables on criminals and give a better service to victims.The base will bring investigative resources from across the south of the county including CID officers, public protection and forensic investigators together, as one of three investigative hubs across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent.

It will see investigators and scientific experts working more closely to each other than ever before. The base will house the latest lab facilities for DNA and fingerprint examination, leading to the very best quality investigations.

The facility will be built on the corner of Eastern Avenue and Stafford Road (A51) and also provide a base for the Local Policing Team who cover the Lichfield area. Building work is expected to start this year with the new base opening in 2016.


Mobile Technology

Frontline police officers and PCSOs across Staffordshire have started to receive new smartphone and tablet devices to give them the information and tools they need at their finger-tips.

This will keep police on the beat and avoid them having to return to their offices to complete paperwork, submit reports or statements, and access files.

The programme is a step towards Mr Ellis’ commitment to transform policing in Staffordshire to meet the future needs of local people, to deal with emerging 21st century demands on the police and to deliver better value for public money.

Openness, visibility, engagement and efficiency are priority aspirations for the Commissioner, with new technology one of the key drivers.

With the smartphones or tablets officers will be able to perform far more activities away from police buildings through a range of apps on the mobile devices which will be tailored to their role.

Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service

Following a 10 month independent internal review across Staffordshire, a report titled “Is there a case for full integration?” has now been published. The report provides a number of recommendations and examples of how fire and police services could integrate within a single organisation whilst retaining the unique and separate services they provide to the public.

Read Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Ellis’ response to the “Is there a case for full integration” report here.

PCC response to Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service’s ‘Community Safety Options’ consultation

Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service sought the views of the local community in response to its consultation on a new delivery model for service.

Click on the link below to read the Police and Crime Commissioner’s formal response to the consultation.
(Consultation response 26th May 2015)